I Won't Tell - Abella Danger



When Abella finds herself unexpectedly alone with her friend’s dad Ryan at their country house, she can’t help her mind and heart from racing. Though he’d never reciprocated in any concrete way, Abella has had a crush on him for ages. Something about this older, successful, confident family man...she had always been drawn to Ryan’s calming energy. It had been more of a quiet fantasy of hers, rather than anything she ever realistically foresaw happening. But being up here, all alone, so serendipitously...looking at him, she begins to realize he may be fighting these same feelings. The vibe between them becomes palpable, and the tension ultimately reaches a boiling point. Abella and Ryan go at it- fueled by years of built-up sexual tension and the mutual understanding that they really, really shouldn’t. Too late. No going back.


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