May thick round booty on Asian babe

I tried to get a new date with Aadila but she couldn’t find a moment to meet again. She said “tomorrow, for sure” but then I will already be in Prague by then. She was really sad and asked me to come back soon.
I went for an early walk in the city and found a little card on the ground for escort girls. In fact, I have been seeing this all week long. They are always on the ground. Seems like this is the only way for them to promote their services. Maybe it’s illegal to put it at the Hotel Lobby? Anyways, I collected different cards already during my stay here and this brought me to the idea to call them today.
I went back to my hotel and tried 3 different numbers. The first one had no Asian girls, the second had one but the girl was only available tomorrow. The third had one Filipina and she was free and within an hour, she was in my room.
May, 21yo, working in Tel Aviv through some kind of an agency that brings girls to places like this as well as Singapore, Hong Kong and so on. She was really a great girl. Long legs, beautiful body and great tits. She was all open for making pictures. This was truly my lucky day!
We had a long talk and started to make pictures. She really liked it and did everything I asked her. When I saw that perfect little well-shaved pussy of hers, I was ready to explode. And she was just such a horny girl, grabbing my dick and asking if she could suck me. Of course, baby! This was such a good long fuck, I didn’t know what to cut out of it. You’re getting a good long video today guys!!!! (and the pinay-addicts up here should be stop complaining as well, haha)
Perfect girl, great attitude, great skills, beautiful body with small ass and a perfect puki! What a perfect way to end my stay in Tel Aviv. She is going to work in Hong Kong next, where her sister is waiting for her. Could be an idea for a 3some soon there maybe??? So, I made sure to get her email and whatsapp info. After she left, I went back to eat at the Jaffa harbour. Then, back to my room. Time to pack my bags. I am ready for my next adventure in Prague. See you tomorrow!


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