Petite Yuri Kurosaki is fucked by her boyfriend’s boss



This guy got out of the jail and he owns his boss money. As he cannot give the money back, he offers his boss a sexual adventure with Yuri Kurosaki, his girlfriend. The boss likes the petite gal and he starts undressing and touching her next to her boyfriend. Naked and with her legs over the head, this babe has the trimmed pussy licked and touched. The boss calls the guy to arouse his girlfriend for him. He uses a toy to make the girl’s clit harder and harder. Then, he fucks her with a toy, while she is held in the boss’ arms. Aroused so much, Yuri’s pussy is full of juices which are licked by her boyfriend while she sits with her slit on his mouth. She is aroused with another toy until she cums. After that, the boyfriend leaves the room, and has to satisfy the boss. She sucks, licks and rubs his cock before he slowly sticks it in her wet slit. Yuri is fucked so fine that she keeps on telling the man how good she feels with his big dick. The boyfriend is back and this slut is fucked in her mouth and in the crack same time. The boss screws Yuri so much, so hard and so deep that she is about to lose her minds. When the man takes the cock out, a lot of cum mixed with the vagina juices pours on the mastress. Yuri gets the dick to lick it.


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